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Montalto Estate landscape

New Year, New Beginnings

Here at The Carriage Rooms we brought 2015 to an end and rang in 2016 with a flurry of colour and sound in the form of a fantastic fireworks display to round off our last wedding of the year. Alas, as a very busy December ended for the team there was no rest for the wicked and we started 2016 just as we had ended 2015, with another spectacular wedding (hence the ‘radio silence’ on the blog). So as January is on us we’ve hit the ground running, basking in the glow of many newly engaged couples and watching as the 2016 diary continues to fill. 

“Being relatively new to the estate it has been so fascinating learning more about the history and in particular the scale of the renovations that have taken place. Renovations – more like re-build in many cases (!) and there is so much more to come. ” Charlotte McCann - Hospitality Coordinator

The New Year brings with it fresh beginnings for many and at Montalto the same rings true. As we continue to progress development plans for the estate, we are committed to creating a lasting future and the plans afoot will ensure that future is sealed and the story of Montalto continues to be marked in Northern Ireland’s history. As we take the business forward through 2016, we can’t help but find ourselves reminiscing about days gone by here at Montalto.

The last few weeks have been spent looking over a multitude of old images, reading more and more on the history of the estate and listening to stories relating to renovations which have taken place in more recent times. It has been nothing short of fascinating. There is far too much information to share on one blog; especially since the estate dates back to the 1600s but over the coming months we’re looking forward to sharing some of what we know with you. We can’t however claim to know it all and we are really keen to find out more about the estate. This is where you all come in. Do you know anyone with a story to tell about the estate? Perhaps you or someone you know has worked here in the past? Maybe you have pictures you would like to share with us? Old letters, documents? We would love to hear from anyone with any information that will help us build a more detailed picture, not only of the history of the estate but of its character and the people that have helped shape it over the years.  Please feel free to call or email us, or if you’d like to meet in person and regale us with a fascinating tale then we’d be very much obliged.

In the meantime, we’ll leave you with a little before and after from The Carriage Rooms just to give you a flavour of what is possible and the extent of the work that has taken place previously. The most exciting thing though, we’re only just getting started...